Local 43 Union Hall, Hartford CT

The history of the American worker is the history of the American nation. Since the colonists arrived in the early seventeenth century, people have worked and struggled to better live their lives. The development of the American worker reflects this struggle. By seeking better wages and working conditions, more opportunity for individual advancement and personal fulfillment, and increased security in both employment and life itself, working people have participated in the American dream; they have, in fact, defined it.

The history of the American worker is by no means completed. As long as the nation exists, working people will be, as they have always been, a source of its strength and its pride. The American worker will continue to grow with the nation.  Words of Wisdom about unions from the 125th Anniversay program.

Local #43 History & Highlights ~ Thanks to Local #43 resident historian, George Story, for researching our history and preparing this summary.  Please feel free to contribute additional facts, memories, or anecdotes for inclusion in this section.  Our members are our heritage and our future.