Xpress-Pay (credit card processing)

>>  You asked for it…we got it!!  <<

     Now, pay your dues/fees with your credit card.

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to go to Local 43’s secure credit card processing site!

 You may also use your card at the Hall (book/ID required) or via telephone.
Note:  Credit card use is subject to processing (3.25% of charged amount) and transaction ($0.75 one charge per transaction) fees.  These charges apply on-line or in person/telephone.

 Click on your dues category (monthly dues amount) to review total charges for your transaction.

 JOURNEYMAN ($23)          EARLY RETIRED ($17)          RETIRED ($6)

Member is responsible for book/ID update: 
either by mail or at the Hall.
Remember, enter ONLY dues + any fines/charges on credit card processing screen.
Credit card fees are calculated based on your actual payment amount.
Call the hall with any questions about your dues balance or arrears status.