Construction Management Degree

Capital Community College, Hartford CT


  • Associate in Science Degree (AS)

The program will prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate degree programs in the field. Upon completion of a baccalaureate degree, they will have the necessary skills and knowledge to enter careers in construction, operation and/or maintenance of the built environment and global infrastructure. Graduates of this program will have technical and analysis skills from consideration of complex projects and systems that will position them for success in many fields.

~~~ OR ~~~

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)  

This program will prepare students for immediate employment in entry level jobs in the industry. Graduates of the program will acquire basic knowledge and skills in administrative procedures, resource management and construction processes for building and heavy construction as well as the ability to utilize construction documents for quantity take-offs, to participate in construction job-site office meetings and to provide related documentation and correspondence.  Members of Carpenters Union may be able to receive credit for previous work done in union training programs.

For information on coursework required for program:

 CCC Construction Management Curricula

Important Note   All CTC courses are only offered once a year in the term (Fall or Spring) ; refer to curricula.


In addition to acquiring general education competencies, graduates of either Construction Management program will:

  • Interpret and effectively utilize construction and construction-related documents including reference materials, contracts and specifications.
  • Understand and conduct quantity take-off processes using manual mathematical models/techniques and takeoff software.
  • Estimate construction costs for bidding and other purposes and assess the appropriateness of various construction methods, materials and environmental systems in specific situations.
  • Understand the theory and use of construction tools and/or equipment, including those related to surveying, testing and measurement.
  • Demonstrate manual and computer drafting skills.
  • Display the knowledge and skills required in the planning and management of a construction project including use of project software.
  • Identify and resolve problems related to aspects of construction management.


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